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    Golf Tee Times in Atlanta, Georgia

TIP #8: Timing:

by Dr. Golf

The proper rhythm will keep you from swinging back too slow or too fast and will allow the golf club to do its job.

Your golf clubs are actually made to work for you. All you have to do is hold the club and swing it properly. Proper Timing, simply put, is taking the golf club back, slowly, in a rhythmical fashion. Swinging the club back too quickly will easily, throw you off balance; Swing back too slowly and you'll find yourself getting too tense.

In the golf swing we need to save our speed for the downswing. Swing back too quickly, and you are throwing away the energy needed on the downswing. Think of building up your energy while you swing back. Imagine swinging to the rhythm of a metronome, counting as you swing back. Doing it out loud will help.

For starters, on the back swing, count as follows; 1,2 on the backswing, then 3,4 on the downswing. Bring your hands back only to waist high; ditto on the follow-thru. As your timing improves, you can then count: 1,2,3 back and 1,2,3 down. Study and practice these lessons; they are the GOLF LESSONS that "REALLY" work.

Questions? You are welcome to contact me at is the name of the game. And a game it is! Have fun!

Yours in Golf,
Dr. Golf

Any questions regarding the above or anything else can be mailed to: or you may call 770-393-3069. Private lessons are available at a reasonable rate.

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